Sunday, September 16

Dover to Dunkirk with Norfolk Lines

Now first things first. Let me remind you that this was our first trip abroad with 2 small children and me in a chair, it was going to be an adventure no doubt about it.

So I chose Norfolk lines because they were the cheapest, after all I have nothing to compare service wise, so I assumed that because Id marked up Disabled and Wheelchair Access on the booking form, they would sort it out automatically. We should have mentioned it on checking in because they parked us in the middle of a deck and Oh dear, I cant get out the car!!!! There was then a further 20 minutes palaver while we had to be moved and shuffled round the other side of the parking deck, cars having to move, and go round again until we could park by the lift. Anyway that's the first lesson, assume nothing and you will be OK.

Once on board, the ship was great. Ive never been on a ship with something with wheels before and its a rather weird feeling as the ship rolls gently, so do you. Its a very odd sensation as one minute you are pottering round the deck, the next rolling forwards with speed. But it was a short quiet crossing, so uneventful really. Great loos though!!!! Onwards to Caen!............

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