Sunday, September 30

Whoopsie daisie

I sometimes think I must be the most accident prone person in the world. Firstly this week, I hit my ankle on the base of the rocking chair with an enormous crack, and 10 seconds later began to wonder if Id broken my ankle. It doubled in size within about 3 minutes and turned blue on me. So, anxious to avoid a trip to A & E I procrastinated about it, and wiggled it around a bit and decided to ignore it all. On this occasion it did turn out to be the right call. 2 days later, the swelling has gone down considerably and the colour is back to normal which is a big relief I can tell you.
But today I found out my centre of gravity has changed. This is because I'm now used to carrying a 16lb ( 1 stone!) baby on my lap. I was just 'rearranging myself' shall we say when coming out of the bathroom, when I flipped back and landed squashed against the recycling and the back door. This was all the more embarrassing as we had visitors at the time. Actually it hurt, even though I was lying there laughing because when this happens it is all a bit farcical to be honest, but on reflection afterwards, I have a sore bump on the back of my head and taken the skin off my elbow. Sore, sore, sore.

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