Sunday, September 23

Ha, ha, ha...........

You know how it is, you're on holiday, the food is good, the company amiable, the evening pleasant, so there's nothing better than sitting overlooking the river, watching the sun go down and enjoying a glass of wine, or half a dozen....... So we talked about football and yes we are all experts, and have another drink. I tip France to be in the final of the Rugby world cup, I'm crazy I realise, but have another glass of wine anyway, because its jolly nice. We talk about our ailments/injuries and I tell my story warts and all, and have a couple more drinks. Then the host brings out his very large motorbike for the morning and I'm shouting how much I want a ride and finish off the bottle of wine Id started earlier.
It was 10.30 and it was time for bed. By now I'm talking very loudly and I'm talking total nonsense, in fact I'm sure my voice isn't my voice. All I can hear is blah, blah blah, blah, blah de blah, I'm going to bed I manage to slur and shout at the same time and attempt to head back to our apartment. Unfortunately there is a gentle slope back to the building, and it really is gentle, but suddenly my pushing takes me nowhere and I cant do it. Of course I found this hilarious to the point that I dissolved into hysterics of laughter. Yes you guessed it, I was paralytically drunk. How I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! Our host Carl came up to me and said 'yes I know you are fiercely independent but I'm pushing you back now, so I just laughed, slurred a thank you and let him!!!
My husband didn't take it quite so well, I lay semiconscious on the bed while he had to put me into bed, all the time laughing like a maniac. How old am I for heavens sake?!!!
Interestingly enough I had a conversation with a friend who pointed out how easy it is to get drunk in a wheelchair. Because you are sat down, you just don't realise the effect of the alcohol until its far too late. Hes totally right, but it was damn good wine I can tell you.

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