Thursday, November 29

Guinea Pig!!

Recently Ive been bit of a Guinea Pig. A reputable German medical company were looking to talk to people about how you go to the loo of all things. And as you know I'm ever eager to push the frontiers on medical knowledge, I'm also incredibly nosey as well, so yes I jumped at the chance to volunteer. I was even more thrilled to find out they would pay me as well for my 'expertise'. So a couple of weeks ago they sent me a fascinating catheter sample. Well actually it looked like most other catheters apart from the fact if you were dextrously challenged it would be difficult to use. Then a week later they phoned and asked me all about it.

This week they did exactly the same thing and then called me to ask about my bowel habits. OK I know what your thinking, the thought is sort of YUK, but they didnt ask anything I would call sensitive, and again paid me for my time. So if you have similar expertise to me and want to earn some money let me know and I'll pass you the details. Yes I can now rest easy in the knowledge that Ive helped advance the cause of medical science!

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