Thursday, November 29


.....are every wheelchair users nightmare. Ive never had one while Ive been out and about but I am at the moment wrestling with a mysterious puncture in one of my wheels. I have 3 sets of wheels so its not urgent fortunately. So over the last few weeks the tyre has been on and off more times than a pair of socks at a chiropodists. if you've ever mended a puncture on a bike when you were a child, its exactly the same. So Ive got the inner tube out, popped it in water, found the leak and then mended it, or so Ive thought. Each time I seem to miss one, and the tyre remains flat. I did think it was maybe the valve, but again Ive tested that and that seems OK as well. so its a fine old mystery. Its one I'm getting desperate to fix now though, because the effort is doing nothing for my hands and I do have better ways to spend my time believe it or not.

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  1. I usually reckon to chuck the tube when it gets punctured as the job of patching gets to hard to fast. I've had a couple of valve failures too.

    As a tick look out Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres. Now only a good tread on a 1" tyre but a layer of Kevlar underlies the tread meaning more of less puncture free.