Monday, December 17


Its been minus 5 degrees here today all day, and my hands have been absolutely killing me. throbbing, itching, hot and freezing cold, I feel as if every joint has been hurting. My fingers are numb and tingly and its just really hard to function like this. Honestly and truly doing small jobs is very difficult and fiddly, and I'm writing this with thumbs at the moment. My feet are throbbing and white as well, frozen little blocks of ice, despite thermal socks. Wearing gloves isn't that practical really, its hard to get a lot done with gloves on for any length of time. I didn't go out at all over the weekend, preferring to view the weather from the safety of the window but it was a necessary evil this morning.

So tonight its the log fire, soup and mulled wine to warm the cockles of my heart, and a few photos taken today.

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