Friday, December 14

Money, Money, Money.....

One thing that really annoys me is that after a brief discussion of my disability, people nearly always say "So did you get any compensation?" This is regardless of the tale Ive told. Doesn't matter if Ive had a north sea diving accident, fallen down my own stairs at high speed, been attacked my club wielding maniacs or an attempt to fly after too many drinks! No it really doesn't matter what I say, people always assume that someone, somewhere is waiting to pay you a huge sum of money to make it all a bit better. Actually let me tell you right now, its really no ones business but mine. Quite often I will say something like 'Oh Yes I got a small fortune' with a small smile on my face. This usually ends the discussion. What is it with people, why do they feel they can ask you such questions when they don't even know you? So how much do you earn every month then, whats your mortgage and what about your debts? Its almost funny that everyone feels that I wont mind prying questions like that. Actually I do, it annoys me, its bad manners, and you know something? Even IF I had 10 million in the bank it doesn't make all this any better, its still just the same.

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