Sunday, January 27

My Birthday day

Well I had a great day, really one of the best birthdays ever!!!! My husband bought me tickets to see The Osmonds 50th Anniversary tour in May. I'm amazed because Id said months ago Id like to see it. Now I'm not that old but I thought they would do a great show so my husband, little superstar he is went off and bought me tickets. And just to show how really wonderful he is, he phoned the 'special needs hotline' and got wheelchair accessible tickets which I'm so pleased about because it wouldn't have been the first time that someone had said, Oh I hadn't thought of that, when its so damn obvious!!!
Anyway we went out for lunch with a friend, whats more we went to her house! Amazing, well I'm amazed because no one ever invites me anywhere anymore. I'm never asked to visit friends ever ever ever. This is because people assume I couldn't possibly get in their house which is wrong. As long as its not up a flight of stairs or has huge steps I'm happy top allow a strong man to yank me up as required. Its not that difficult, Id just like the chance to give it a go. Her husband had made some home made ramps which allowed me to get in the house via the patio, and I think its really wonderful that someone went to all that trouble, they worked fine, she cooked a lovely lunch and I enjoyed my birthday no end!

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