Monday, January 28


Now all was great until it was time to leave. I had to go down the ramp onto the lawn area as it was the only way to get out. As soon as I looked at the whole situation, I thought Oh-Oh, this doesn't look good. Now, Ive never fallen head first, flat on my face but there's always a first time. Anyway I immediately noticed that the lawn was very soft after all the non stop rain recently, and soft earth means I'm likely to get my front wheels stuck, but after humming and haaa-ing over it, decided to give it a go, You will catch me? I asked her husband. Yes don't worry he shouted, standing just too far back for my liking. Intuition told me this wasn't going to work but like a condemned soldier going over the top, I gave it my all, trying to come down fairly carefully I might add, got my wheels stuck in the lawn and flying forward shouting WOOOOOOPSSSSS! as I went. Funny how I had presence of mind to shout this rather than F*** F*** F***!! I was flying, oh yes I was, although it was just a few feet I suppose. He rushed forward to catch me, caught me, I hit my nose on his belt and then he dropped me, as I'm no lightweight deadweight. So with a plop I'm flat on the lawn in a heap. Yes, covered in mud, I'm sat on my backside on wet grass, and laughing at the absurdity as they are utterly mortified. No harm done I'm fine, trying to retain some shred of dignity there! Getting up was problematic but I was so desperate to show them I could do it and not have to have 2 men hoist me into my chair. That's the most embarrassing thing! So I shifted myself round and pulled my knees under and then managed to sit on my knees, with my bum on my heels. Now of course this looks great but I had no idea how to get up from this, but I'm trying to look composed and in control. My husband steped up and grabbed me under the arm, yanks me up, while I support myself with my chair. Oh yes, its funny, I'm muddy but its not concrete and its par for the course. The only thing hurt is my dignity and I guess that will mend pretty soon enough.

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  1. stephanie19:22

    Better your bum than your nose .....