Tuesday, March 11

Whats in the Box?

In our bathroom we have a large walk in cupboard that is absolutely wonderful for storage. In particular its great for hiding all my 'personal' items. But having a look at all the boxes yesterday I decided it was no good, it was time to get everything out, and have a tidy and see what supplies I really have.
Every time I see my urologist, the nurse there always presses upon me a bag of samples to take home. I suppose every health company in the country sends her stuff and so she obliges by passing it on to us the customers. So to start with I have samples by a multitude of makers. Colorplast, Bard, Manfred Sauer, Simpla, LoFric, and so on. Ive got every type too. There are Foley's, Intermittent and Compact, big bags, small bags and night bags. There are also spigots and lets not forget bum plugs. I have enough alcoholic hand rub to start a business and also endless supplies of KY jelly and handy disposable bags. Oh yes its a cupboard full of unimaginables. Its also the one place that really reminds me of my disability and how no one ever expects life to be like this. Still having said that I could probably sell it for a nice sum on Ebay, its just a pity I have actually use it all really.

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