Wednesday, May 2

Words of children

Its very easy to think that small children don't notice things, dont remember or are not influenced by what they see and hear. But my son is always showing me this is not the case. You may have read in one of my earlier postings around Christmas about the whole fiasco that occurred in us trying to get to see Santa at Kielder Forest. To be honest Id sort of forgotten it, or at least pushed it back and mentally filed it away, my son on the other hand seems to think over these events a lot.
Hes now 3 and a half and has sort of got the whole Christmas and Santa concept clear in his head, and as his birthday is 24/12 as well, its hard to escape. We were talking about forests and what they were and who lives in them. Santa lives in the forest he said. Oh yes he does, do you remember you went to see Santa in the forest? Yes came the reply but you cant step up with your wheels, you stay outside Ma. That's right I said cheerily but secretly not really wanting to relive the whole thing, but this year you will just go with Da. Hmmmm, seems he has quite a bit of disability awareness already.

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