Monday, June 30


Ive learned the hard way... never, ever ever, remove the axle pins from your wheels. Just don't do it, because it will end in tears.
As we were leaving Liverpool, with the car crammed over full my husband was wrestling with my wheels, trying in vain to get them anywhere. The thing is, the axle pins stick out and as a result you always need more space than you think, just to accommodate this. So I foolishly foolishly suggested he remove the pins and then he could slide the wheels in. Easy and hey presto it worked. Only that was the last time I ever saw them. They have completely and utterly vanished, as if they have slipped through the ether into another universe, gone, vanished without a trace. We ransacked the car and checked the luggage and went through every pocket my husband has with no luck. Nothing. So at the moment I have a chair I cant use and the pins in my other chair just don't fit by about a millimetre or 2. The just don't click in properly. Typical. So I'm going to have to bite the bullet at some pint and order some more. Looks like its going to cost me about £70 from RGK for the pair. I'm not amused.

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  1. Can't you adjust them? I've never had a pair (out of half a dozen) that you can't adjust. Especially if they are only a millimetre or so off.