Tuesday, March 11

My back is KILLING me!!!

Its no exageration to say that my back is killing me. Over the past 5 days Ive lost movement and everytime I shift Im shouting ARGH as its just so sharp! I cant bend forwards or swivel my trunk and its as if my back up to my shoulder blades has totally seized up. Im even having trouble pushing myself around. I spent the afternoon in bed today as its about the only relief I have. Could it be spasms I wonder? My trunk seems to be very rigid. I can hardly do transfers or get in the car and Im having to rely on my husband for everything. Its so very painful and came on quite suddenly. I cant think Ive done anything energetic to cause this. To be honest I dont wnt to go and see my GP as I know she will either refer me on to someone else again, or decide she cant prescribe anything anyway. So unless I really have to I dont want to go. For the next few days anyway Im just planning to relax, relax, and relax.

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