Tuesday, September 23


I'm so tired I feel I could descend into a sleep of 100 years. I have 21 days left before the arrival of Hersh minimus and its not a day too soon. My feet and lower legs are swollen to huge proportions such that I can hardly get my shoes to fit any more. And here's me Ive aways had such dainty toes. My hands are equally as swollen. Just one of those things I'm told and so I have to wait until its all over and I get my body back.
As a result I'm not blogging much, well actually I'm not doing much of anything if I can help it. Daytime TV has become a firm favourite and the house isn't up to my high standards... ( seriously!) And I don't care, not one bit. I'm just desperate to keep that appointment with Morpheus as much as I can, hang on do I hear him calling now.......................................?

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  1. Hi, I am glad I have found your blog! You will see me waving from the school too...although I'm not your son's teacher!! Look forward to speaking to you in person. Best wishes and many congratulations on the imminent arrival of Morpheus. Hadriana x