Monday, May 5

Black Tie

So we are off to a wedding. Great I cant wait, really, its the first time in over 2 years Ive had some sort of adult social occasion to look forward to. Ive been planning the whole thing for ages, deciding what to wear, looking for a really great outfit, researching the ideal accessories, and all that girly stuff I never do. Only one thing happened... the invitation arrived and it says.... Black Tie. Now that's dead easy for my husband, but opens a whole can of worms for me, I mean what is a girl to wear? So given that I shall be about 5 months pregnant, in a wheelchair and wrestling with a one year old, not to mention having a handy rucksack of baby items, does this mean I'm supposed to be going for the strappy long cocktail dress? Somehow the thought doesn't fill me with delight, more like dread really. So having consulted with friends I'm going to wear what I want, and what I feel comfy in. Given that I'm lined up to be the family curiosity anyway, I could probably wear a bin liner and no one would notice. To be honest what I wear is secondary. I could spend a fortune and go the whole girly hog, but at the end of the day people will only look at my wheels.

1 comment:

  1. I'd go the whole girley hog route - its always fun spending on something you'll never wear again or "may wear again" *coff*

    Fly a bit :)

    And show them all... distract them from your wheels - show them what a vibrant woman you are- your wheels arent totally you