Thursday, May 8


Ive had all sorts of visits this week. The OT has been twice, a ramp man, 2 stair lift men, and a kitchen man. All looking round the house, sucking their teeth and drawing little diagrams. Finally we are getting a ramp put in. Yes its only taken..... but that's how these things are, they take time and more time.
The ramp is a major undertaking. Looking at the plan its approximately the same size as the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, and I do of course fully expect to be able to take off from the end having got up sufficient speed! Funnily enough after this has been we don't plan to move house within at least a forever time frame!
The major disadvantage is that the gate has to be removed. We shall have to make some sort of temporary thing that we can block the entrance with as I really don't want dogs or children wandering off. But its going to be good really its just about perfect.

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