Wednesday, July 16

The retired

Its been a busy old week, typical really, you don't do anything for weeks on end and then you get a couple of frantic ones. This week I have 3 meetings to go to, a party and take my son to a birthday party. Then there will be nothing till mid September I should think. Anyway a friend twisted my arm to go to the Northumberland Link meeting to talk about governance. Well I was one of many and I should think about the youngest there. So what is it with older people? By that I don't mean really old, I mean retired. Why are they so damn aggressive? Because I disagreed strongly with one person, who frankly had very strong opinions, if looks could kill Id be dead. The fact that I dared to suggest something different was met with much hostility. Well Ive never been one to jump on the bandwagon of opinion, but the aggression in the room was for all to see. I wasn't the only one who noticed. So whats with all this? I don't know, really just relax, chill out, its not worth it.

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