Monday, August 18


Its no good I just have to admit, I'm enormous!! Really it could be twins, I'm so much bigger than last year, oh boy I'm so looking forward to the birth...not! So who are these women who say how much they love being pregnant? I believe they should be beaten soundly to see the error of their ways, OK not quite that but you know what I mean! Anyway I'm getting very breathless which is horrible. Its uncomfortable and I keep having to lie down. I guess as my natural position is sitting the baby is pushing my diaphragm up more than usual so I'm puffing and huffing like a character out of Thomas the Tank engine. But I digress, the whole point of telling you all this is that I have finally succumbed and used Carlisle Shopmobility for a few trips to town. Yes Ive hired the electric wheelchair for a spin around the city. Well apart from crashing into a clothes rail in H & M and almost knocking the glass door down at Next for Kids I was fine. So I was strolling or should we say motoring around Grown-up Next just having a look for something I might like to buy the post pregnancy me when the shop assistant said to me.... 'Id give all day to be sat in one of those...' and smiled that's sort of nice smile. I gawped at her as I was frankly shocked that in 2008 someone would even say that. Hmm yes I'm soooo lucky to be sat here, hey I could be dead after all I suppose, but no I didn't say that because I never do, I just replied, 'Really?...' raised an eyebrow and rolled out the store.
Now on reflection I guess she was about 17 and I'm sure she didn't mean to be so tactless and sound as stupid as she did, but I was left wondering, don't these stores train their staff at all? I mean its not rocket science and I cant be the first or last 'special needs' customer so really how on earth do they train them? Having done quite a bit of training in one area or another I know most organisations are desperate to provide this sort of awareness to their staff, so whats going on at Next I wonder? Hmmm I feel a letter coming on.......!!!

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