Wednesday, August 13


"Gaviscon Oh Gaviscon......." isn't that how the song goes? Anyway Gaviscon is my best friend at the moment. I have it in Cool, Advanced and Original aniseed formula and it all works much the same. You see I'm suffering from heartburn!!! Oh yes I'm suffering well and truly. I start the day not so bad but by tea time I have this terrible burning sensation from my throat down. Really horrible. So Ive got shares in Gaviscon. There are bottles carefully placed around the house for that dire heartburn emergency, forget the spoons, Ive got to the stage of just gulping it down. I need instant relief.... FAST!!! As a result of this you can imagine my eating is pretty rubbish. Everything seems to start it off, and I mean everything, so if anyones got any anti-heartburn tips Id love to hear them.

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