Friday, September 12

Bound not Gagged

So I'm this weeks 'inspirational' story in our local newspaper. It was my husbands fault really as I was out when they rang so he arranged it all with me moaning about it for a week. On the one hand I don't like to say No but I know you wont believe but actually I'm not mad on publicity. The thing is I write this blog in a sort of anonymity that even though you know who I am its a bit different than being my sons teacher for instance or the lady in the garage or the neighbours I wave to from the car. Anyway there are some huge photos which are quite nice even though they all look as though I have some sort of skin condition (dodgy lighting) but the one thing that really rankles is the opening line.... yes once again I'm left 'wheelchair bound' !!!. God almighty I hate that soooo much because its not true. There is an old fashioned assumption that people who use chairs never ever leave them, and actually most can walk, stand or do other things if only for a very short time or distance. The thing with a wheelchair is that at the end of the day, its a mobility aid, it gets you from A to B. I mean if I used a mobility scooter would people say 'mobility scooter bound..'? I think not. It is such an archaic phrase, I can see my late grandmother using it, and she was born in 1900. So DON'T DON'T DON'T EVER EVER use that phrase again EVER. I cant tell you how much I hate it and I know most folks who use a wheelchair as their mobility aid of choice do too. Just DON'T OK?

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