Monday, September 8

Tendon Problems

I seem to be having tendon trouble which is I suppose an inevitable consequence of not getting up and going anywhere fast. Normally I'm very mobile, can do lots of bendy exercises and have never ever had any trouble stretching in my life. Until now that is. Lets face it, Ive been pregnant forever and as a result any stretching I might have done stopped quite a few months ago. At the moment I cant even get dressed on my own thanks to an enormous bump, so stretching seems rather unimportant. However over the last few months I have been getting sore and painful heels and when I got my new chair last month, the wheelchair technician was unable to fit it so that my heels fit the footplate perfectly. No matter what, they are always an inch higher than my toes. Not good huh? I suppose once Hersh minimus is born I need to get back to some gym exercise pronto!

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