Wednesday, October 1

Birth plan

Well I havent written much lately because I feel pretty crap and my backside is killing me!! So consequently Im not finding reasons to spend hours at the computer. I have 2 weeks to go and believe me Im not just ticking off the days, Im counting the hours. I saw the midwife yesterday and despite having legs of elephantine proportions everything is humming along fine, so far. 'Do a birth plan' she said.....
Of course I tend to raise my eyebrows a bit at this as any idea I had about having a baby was totally ignored on the last 2 occasions, and Id come to the conclusion that birth plans were a bit of a waste of time. Even though last year I spent hours begging not to be stuck on mty back, you guessed it, I was lying on my back for most of the duration. Thats my main reason for wanting a home birth this time, anywhere but on my back .
So whats the birth plan?
1. DO NOT put me on my back.
2.Give the baby to my husband not me, Im far too knackered to care by the time it pops out.
3. Dont fuss, I hate it.
4. Dont forget I cant pee.Very important as they forgot last year and my full bladder actually held up the birth.
5. I want a decent meal afterwards not a piece of toast.
Tick, tick, tick, oh we are another 20 minutes closer already!

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