Monday, September 1


Yes its embarrassing picture time, who is this odd looking woman on this yellow contraption?!

OK so its me trying out the wonderful sooper dooper Trekker that's available for hire at Castle Morpeth Shopmobility. Those lucky people have one of these amongst their fleet of 'vehicles' all ready for a cross country trek. Hence the name I guess. So with my Northumberland National Parks hat on, this was brought out the back of a trailer for me to take for a spin and then give my ever so humble opinion on.

WOW is all I can say. It does exactly what it says, It treks everywhere, Gravel no sweat, hills easy, mud, puddles and everything else I could find, it tackled with ease. Not once did I feel as if I was going to fall out, off or into something, this beast has the power to tackle most things I would think. (All sounds a bit Top Gear doesn't it?) I'm pretty sure that each wheel has its own suspension as I went over every bump I could find, and it lurched around from side to side but kept the seat totally horizontal, Used to leaning from side to side as I am it all felt rather weird to be sat there while the chair moved around me. Top speed of 16mph, watch out mobility scooters everywhere!! And the price tag just in case anyone wants to buy me one... well a mere £10,000.

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