Sunday, November 9

Breast Buddies

I am, or was woman-least-likely-to-breastfeed. Oh no not for me thanks, such was my determination not to do this the midwives hardly mentioned it because they knew they'd get short shrift from me on that one. Soooooo once Baby Abey was home for a few days, bag of hormones that I was, I decided to breastfeed. Well you could have knocked every health professional in the district over with a feather as shocked doesn't even sum it up. I was pretty flabbergasted by this myself actually, but hey I decided to give it my best shot and see how it went. So far its about 50% of the time which I think is pretty decent by my own standards. In fact last week I went to the local breastfeeding group which is full of wonderful ladies all doing the right thing, yes I feel pretty hopeless at it all really. Now there is one problem. I cannot get in the building on my own without some considerable help. There is a high kerb to get up followed by a not insignificant step up into the building. Fortunately I had checked this out and took my long suffering husband along, who kindly got me in and then sat in the car reading the paper for an hour. Now I'm irritated and thinking I wont return, its sitting in the bag of my head worrying away at me. Should I make a fuss about the access or just shrug my shoulders, given it probably took months to even find a a venue in the first place? Shall I decide not to go as I don't want to burden my husband? I'm trying to smile and say 'Oh well never mind it doesn't matter, I didn't want to go anyway',but in my heart, I can feel it does and I did really.


  1. Shame it's such hard work just to get there. (Something's not right!)

  2. Having been involved with LLL, one of those breastfeeding groups for years a while back, my suggestion is that you keep going. Mention the access (make a minor fuss perhaps) so that they will consider this in the future, but I suspect that their choices of venues are limited, and if you wait until they find another one, this baby may be big enought to help you in himself (herself? I don't remember :( sorry) Think of it this way, for that hour hubby is sitting in the car, no one is crying, the phone isn;t reading, and he doesn;t have to feel guilty about reading the paper.

    Congratulations on the new little one.