Thursday, November 13

Up the hill

Today I went to a new Dentist, cos I need a crown, thanks to pregnancy no 3. Anyway I knew it was on Battle Hill in Hexham, but as Hexham has more than its fair share of dentists I wasn't sure where exactly, but I had an idea, sort of. Only i had it confused with 2 other dentists all on the same road, but I found out finally it was at the top of the hill. All I could say to that was ******** as I puffed and grumbled and groaned all the way up, hopped over the kerb and up the step, small though it was. On the one hand I'm fitter than I thought and feel satisfied that I did it after many months of inactivity but I also realised that my chair isn't set up that well and I need to get it adjusted. As its not mine technically, it means I will have to make an appointment with wheelchair services so that will be another morning gone. Ho hum.

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