Tuesday, January 20

Weather the weather

I have turned into a weather wuss. Its no good I have to admit it, if it rains I stay in. It sounds utterly pathetic I know, especially as I used to be the type of person who positively revelled in 'weather'. Now I peer through the windows and if its looking threatening or heaven forbid is windy I think once, think twice and then maybe 3 times about it before getting out and about. Now the reason for this is actually deadly serious, because in a wheelchair you get wet, wet, wet. So no sprinting out the car and heading into a shop to dry, no, there's the labourius getting out the car which I suppose may take about 3 minutes, by which time your cushion is very wet, so you end up with a wet arse, your chair is generally wet, you get wet thighs and so on. I was thinking that the reason must be because you have a greater body area directly in contact with the rain. My push rims, while looking nice slip and slide, and today I broke my nail which hurts and the rims are cold. Now the options are few.

  1. Stay in and never go out especially in winter.
  2. Wear lots of specially designed wheelchair wet weather clothing that looks totally ludicrous, so much so I might as well have a siren and flashing light.
  3. Get wet.

Since I do quite like going out, but at the same time eschew the looking ridiculous option where possible, my only option is number 3. So I do. Frequently. Its a bugger!

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