Monday, January 12

Medical Catch Up 1

For about the last 6, 7, 8 months Ive had quite a few hand problems, most of all a lack of grip, tingly fingers, and sweating profusely. It ranges from a decimation of crockery, to being unable to open bottles, to at its worse, cant hold a bloody fork. It varies from being OK, to not too bad, to miserable. So I mentioned this to my Neuro consultant last year and he immediately said he thought it sounded like a syrinx or to be totally technical, syringomyelia. At that point he was all for doing an MRI and a lumbar puncture when I said oh by the way I'm pregnant which in medic speak really means, don't touch me with a barge pole, because they wont unless you are truly at deaths door. So he jumped a mile, back tracked and then decided that as long as things don't get any worse to wait until after the pregnancy and then have a look. Which is where we are now, and I have an appt in a couple of weeks for said investigations, which fills me with excitement....not. So what is a syrinx you might wonder? Well essentially its a swelling or cyst in your spinal cord. It can be removed through surgery or left, and can or cant leave permanent damage, but of a guessing game so it seems. It can be drained but is quite likely to return so I'm told. At the moment I'm not too bad and haven't smashed anything major for some weeks even though my fine motor skills are poorer than they were, you do get used to it and of course I await the result with baited breath!

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