Monday, February 23


No.Dont.even.think.about.going.there. I mean it was cheap and served the purpose but that's all I can say to be honest. As soon as we arrived I sniffed problems, 'park on the grass verge and go to reception we were told'. Hmmm I don't think so, disabled parking? No didn't have any as such, well it was miles away from anywhere which was a bit pointless. So I queued up only to be told that I had to go into the ballroom, where I got our key. We finally found to our 'chalet' after driving round in circles for 20 mins, the access was really rubbish. When I booked they said they didn't have any accessible places left ( probably dont have any truth be told)but said that by having a ground floor one that would be OK. Indeed it was, only they had forgotten about the 5 inch step and patio door rail to get over, plus the lack of any dropped kerb so I had to go over the wet grass every time I went in and out. Once inside there was no cot, and no electricity. Dan then trooped back to the reception to start the whole thing all over again, eventually lugging back the cot and carrying some electricity card. I mean they tell you nothing when you arrive. It took us 2 hours to sort this out, and then we found 2 of the 4 heaters weren't working so this time I went to report it. By 8pm a man was replacing them and apologising. Centerparcs it wasn't. The floor was sticky and the accommodation cold. Facilities were generally run down and access poor, the swimming pool was pretty much standing room only and the changing area hadn't had any money spent on it since 1973 by the look of it. Now actually I really didn't care, if I had paid full whack Id have been furious, but as it was I shrugged my shoulders and the boys were oblivious to it all. It was just a place to sleep in my mind. But no I can say in all honesty, wild horse would not drag me back again, it is and will always be my only experience of the British holiday camp!

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