Sunday, February 22

Wychwood Park

We are returned after a jolly good week generally speaking. So here goes, part 1 of the holiday report. As Somerset is about 300 miles away I decided to stay about halfway overnight in a hotel that I booked on the net near Crewe of all places. It looked nice and was near the motorway. The hotel in question was Wychwood Park, part of the De Vere chain, Although it looked pretty new, upon arrival I was informed that the lift was broken and my room had been moved down stairs. I also found the shower didn't work and there was no TV remote control. Frankly I didn't want to complain as I was more interested in sleeping well, and I did, it was very comfortable, nice and accessible and being Valentines day we actually got to have a meal without the boys for the first time in at least 5 years, maybe more! So I was happy. I was even happier when the following morning they chose not to charge me for the room because of the problems Id had. That was a really good gesture, excellent customer service and has ensured that we will chose to stay there again as a result. Wychwood Park, a very comfortable place to stay, and professional staff as well!

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