Tuesday, February 24

Not to have felt pain is not to have been human...

...but I wouldnt mind living without it. Seriously my back is absolutely killing me and Ive had it for 3 days now and its starting to send me a bit bonkers as a result. Last night I felt too ill to feed the baby so my husband had to do it, and I didn't get up til about 10.30 this morning because I physically couldn't, and also Id slept so badly I feel shattered. I haven't had pain like this for ages, plus I spent the night sweating horribly even though its February and we don't have the heating on at night, so you sort of get the picture of my current state. This morning I succumbed and started foraging around for some really good pain killers, but to be honest Ive never found anything very effective. OK that's not quite true, my doctor gave me amytriptiline a couple of years ago which although primarily an antidepressant, is also really good for pain. However I would take one before bed at night, sleep really well and then be totally comatose the following morning. So I had to stop taking it as I couldn't really function half asleep despite having some decent pain management. From there onwards its been all downhill, and since I was pregnant in 2007/8 I got used to a life without medication, but after only 3 days of total misery I'm thinking of crawling back to my GP and begging for something to make me feel life is worth carrying on. To be truthful its rare I'm like this, I guess Ive developed pretty good pain strategies that usually work, but right now they don't and I'm feeling quite grumpy as a result.

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  1. Claire15:53

    Have you tried Pregabalin/Lyrica? I have it for neuropathic pain and it's great, it's a pain preventer, not pain killer and is the best thing I've tried. Might be worth a try....