Tuesday, March 17

Push til you're muscle bound....

....Well I have, and that's now a problem. I'm the first to admit Ive never been a size 10 but over the last few years Ive lost quite a bit of weight, dropped about 4 dress sizes, and don't eat very much at all. Pain is quite an appetite killer to be honest. Anyway someone I know (NOT a friend I might add!!) said to me recently, "Looks like you're getting quite a pair of shoulders there... ha ha".... Bloody Ha! Yes I know, I'm very conscious Of my Popeyesqe shoulders and bulging triceps, biceps and deltoids. Its become a problem in as much as I find women's blouses very difficult to wear, I mean I cant actually find many that fit anymore. Obviously given that I spend my days pushing myself about, plus I'm lifting children up and down and up and down for hours at a time, I'm probably doing the equivalent of several hours weight training a day. Its one of those things that makes you realise just how little control we have over our bodies sometimes. There seems to be no way I can avoid this and it doesn't exactly do a lot for the 'feminine' me. Now that someone has actually commented I feel even more aware of my 'fat' arms. Its one of those little remarks that is just niggling away under my skin. Thanks a lot for those words of reassurance that have done absolutely nothing for my self esteem.

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