Monday, June 22

Driving mad!

Ford Transit 1986-1994Image via Wikipedia

Any one who has followed this blog for a while might have realised that I change my car more often than most people change their socks. if I'm honest my excuse is that I like cars, a lot, and having certain needs these days means that I'm more fussy than I used to be. So I can now tell you that I have bought a ford Transit minibus, which might be excessive but given that we will soon be carrying 4 children 3 dogs 2 adults, a wheelchair and a double buggy, plus at any given time the possibility of a grandparent or 2 and you will see that space is of absolute importance! Ive spent that last few months dropping by various car dealers to inspect their 7 seater people carriers, and without exception that's all they do, carry people. There's no room for any type of luggage so that was the end of that.
I do my research thoroughly and after several reads of Honest Johns website and Parker's Used Car Guide decided the course of action. As luck would have it within a week or 2 ,up popped a suitable vehicle. Certainly its not particularly comfy, drives a bit like a tractor, is quite tatty inside but was previously owned by a Police Force. The boys love it, I dont have to worry about dirt, dog hair or food, it all brushes out, and there is bags of room. So if you see a red minibus heading your way, it might just be us!
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