Monday, February 1

Save Us

 This week was my birthday, so I am another year wiser at least I would like to think. I also have the misfortune to have my birthday on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27th January. And to be honest with you, it does actually put a slight damper on the day, it just doesn't feel quite so jolly as it should especially with endless stories on the TV and radio that require endless tissues. 
As well as around 6 million Jews who were exterminated, let us not forget the other groups killed by the Nazis  
  • 7 million Soviet men woman and children
  • 1 million Romany and Sinti
  • 200000 + disabled people
  • 250000 non Jewish Poles
  • 10000 Homosexual 
  • 2000 Jehovah's Witnesses 
  • 1000's of Prisoners of War 
  • 1000's of Germans opposed to the Nazi regime 

Of these, just over 1 million children were murdered.

In the 21st century its easy to ring our hands and say 'how could they?' but we all know that in our hearts lies the massive potential for evil, and very very few of us will ever protest about the ills of the world, its so easy to let someone else isn't it? In another time and another place I'm too aware as to what my fate would have been but like every mother my thoughts are not for myself but my family. Now I look at all my friends, all good solid wonderful people who I wholeheartedly trust and whose company I enjoy to the full. But every so often I find myself wondering who if any one of them would have saved my children? Would any of them taken just one of my sons? Sadly I find an answer to be unforthcoming.

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