Tuesday, January 11

Itchy, itchy, OUCH

For the last few months Ive had a problem with my hands and feet. It starts off with an 'un itchable' itch deep within my foot and then spreads to cover the whole of my feet and hands very quickly. Its unbelievably painful, a combination of itching/stinging/burning, its like grasping a large bunch of stinging nettles. It makes me roll about a thing possessed madly ripping at my hands and feet but of course to no effect. I know scratching isn't going to help but its something I have to do. It wakes me up at night and is proving to be very distressing. On top of th, last night I had the mother of all spasms, which was so intense it made me squeal and jump right out of my chair. I never get spasms like this, the most I ever get is a twitchy knee or foot, at most an irritation. My back is really painful today as a consequence. So my GP is sending me off to see a neurologist, to see if its caused by something or nothing. I'm not a fan of anyone who works in neurology or neurosurgery as they tend to treat everyone like a specimen, and seem to have no social skills whatsoever, even my GP agrees with me. So I await with bated breath, not.

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