Saturday, January 1

So long 2010

And so as I stand on the deck of the good ship 2011, I wave 2010 goodbye with gusto and think Bloody good riddance. Its been a hard year for me and lots of people I know. A relentless sort of trudge, trudge through life with no light at the end of the tunnel. Don t you sometimes think how exciting it would be if something unexpected happened, something really good? We all need out time and life and I'm ready for mine right now. You know, that time when you look back on your life and think Yes thats was the best time of all. Of course I'm one to take and make opportunities but sometimes they just fail to turn up. So it has been with 2010, a year of closed doors and no opportunities. But I have grand plans for 2011 and you will be the first to find out. So keep reading and I hope that 2011 brings every happiness for you.

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