Friday, May 27


Ive been ill since Christmas. There I have said it, ill. I have a real aversion to even suggesting I might be ill as it conjures up someone in bed with flu for 2 weeks,  now that's ill, me, I'm just plodding along being quietly ill, no fuss please.
My ears have been really bothering me for about 6 months. They hurt but not like an ear infection, everything is really LOUD,  Ive been sick and dizzy as well, its horrible and as a result Ive spent a lot of time lying down, getting nothing done. So I finally went to the Drs, and she thinks I have Meniere's, a condition of the inner ear. We also discussed everything else, and Ive come away armed with boxes and boxes of tablets. Ive gone from someone who takes nothing to some sort of rattling pill box. We have on the prescription today......
  • Gabapentin for pain
  • Trimethoprim for Uti
  • Propanolol for migraine
  • Cinnarizine for balance
So overnight  Ive gone from someone who takes a couple of tablets a day to taking a grand total of 10 a day, and I guess this is a sign of things to come isn't it?

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