Wednesday, October 5


Having said that we did manage a great holiday in August which has been the highlight of the year. Id been looking for adventure and scenery and something child friendly, so decided on Orkney because, well why not. It was like a foreign holiday without the change of currency. There was an amazing overnight road trip followed by a an hours ferry and we were there. The boys adored it, I loved it, my husband thought it fantastic. We want to go again and again and again. Its the kind of place that Id be tempted to up sticks and move to if I wasn't already living in one of the best parts of the country. 

Id been feeling both excitement and trepidation at visiting a new place. The ghost of accessibility hovers just above me most of the time and there is nothing worse than heading off somewhere new only to find that what is supposed to be a restful week is in fact an exercise in getting up and down steps. Most of Orkney is pretty good. Beaches are not accessible and you have to get up and down them on your backside. Its worth the effort if you can make it though as the sand is perfect for rolling in! All the historic sites are well maintained and easy to get to, apart from Maes Howe which isn't. Some of the buildings in Kirkwall, namely the fantastic St Magnus Cathedral and the town museum are limited in their access but I'm not complaining. After all the cathedral is nearly 1000 years old. Now that I have been once I have all the maps in my head so access will be a lot easier. Plans are for a trip next Easter maybe including Shetland as well. Now that will be an adventure!

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