Thursday, March 16

My so called life...

This is the blog of my life from the point of sitting in a wheelchair. Its a real bugger at times I tell you so please dont be offended at my swearing. I do swear a lot, most of the time. I find it helps with the frustration of everyday life when everything takes double the time it should. When you cant get where you need to be, when you find someone has parked in the disabled bay, when you are ignored or patronised, when disabled access is so crap you are stuck sitting outside, when you are practically thrown headfirst out of your chair because that dropped kerb is an inch high. I could go on and on. Dont worry I will. Thats what this blog is for, its my way of counselling the crap out of my life. But I hope I dont come out as one of lifes whingers, Im not. I love my life,I love where I live, I love my family and friends, and best of all I love being just alive. I have so much drive and energy I feel as if I want to go for a 10 mile run. Its so bloody frustrating that my energy doesnt seem to have anywhere to go. Anyway this is a good place to share my thoughts and opinions on the life I now have as opposed to the life I once had.

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