Tuesday, March 28


I have been thinking that I would like to do some sport. Id like to feel that Im alive again, get the heart pumping and get a bit breathless. The opportunities are a bit limited, thats the trouble. There is a wheelchair exercise class, but truly and honestly I cant see myself doing it. I hated aerobics when I could walk, so its likely nothing has changed there.
So Ive made a few enquiries, and have found that in a couple of months I can take advantage of clay pigeon shooting, and trout fishing... with wheelchairs! No I dont have a clue about how its done either. And Ive also enquired about horse riding. Now this is something I used to do many many moons ago, in another lifetime. I had been thinking of taking it up again for a few years now, so Im making enquiries with Riding for the Disabled. My husband had a blue fit when I mentioned it to him, 'you cant do that' he cried!! Well why I wonder, Im not going to fall apart am I? So Im waiting to see what happens here. I realised you see, that the countryside is suddenly becoming off limits to me. I dont want to sit in a car looking at the sea, or a field for another 40 years, so some gentle riding will get me out into the country. Looks like I could be 'hunting, shooting and fishing' sooner than I thought.
So heres another photo of me taken with a phone camera! Im grimacing because we had just arrived at Newcastle airport at 8.30 in the morning, and the wind was just arctic. My son is still in his PJs and really Im thinking.... 'get me in the bloody car!!'


  1. Angela07:46

    go for it girl, see the country side on horse back. Check and see if they do driving for the disabled aswell, then you could drive a pony and cart and take the boys with you. Then they won't feel excluded. I can see you now driving a cart hell for leather down the road!

  2. Danielle17:01

    I think Lorraine you should enter for the paraplegic olympics with a stunning chair as the one you have got, you could win points alone on having the snazziest chair!