Thursday, March 30

Name and Shame 2

Yep its time for the weekly name and shame posting... its sad I that I even need to do it frankly in this day and age, but here we go. This weeks turkeys go to a couple of businesses in Hexham. Once again I can say the majority have made every effort to comply with legislation and provide wheelchair access, unfortunatly these 2 have not. So lets blow a big raspberry for Clarks shoes and Poundstretcher. Both companies are rich enough and big enough to know better, so they should hang their heads in shme. Will they care tough? I think not. By the way if any of these companies legal departments would like to contact me, I will be only too willing to go over the finer points of the DDA with them. Publish and be damned!!!

1 comment:

  1. I certainly concur with Clarks. The fact that they have children's shoes UPSTAIRS when most families have prams, bags, children etc. etc. then stairs are the last thing I want to see/negotiate.