Friday, April 28

Dawn Chorus

Its 4.30 in the morning, the birds are tweating and it looks like the sun is going to rise anytime soon. So Im sitting here having woken up feeling unwell. Looks like I have another UTI. Im less than happy about this as you can imagine, as Ive only just finished a course of antibiotics, it looks as if Im going to have to have another, and probably another and another forever and ever. etc. Seems this goes with the territory from what Ive been reading on the subject, and as Im forever washing my hands as it is, Im not sure there is much I can do to improve things. Needless to say Im not too impressed. Apparently there are other options... Im not too impressed by those, but then this isnt fun either, so lets say the other options are looking just liitle bit more inviting at this time of day.

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