Sunday, April 2

Legs 11

Ive developed a bit of a morbid fascination with my legs. Its probably because they are not what they once were. I used to be the embarrassed owner of chunky fat short ones which try as I might I could never hide! Now it seems by the day they are vanishing before my eyes!!! So you see there are some advantages to being paraplegic! Thinner legs.... does this mean my bum will start to vanish as well? I should be so lucky. Knowing my luck Ill probably end up with spindly thin legs and still have an enormous backside!! Certainly curious. My legs have become somewhat detached from the rest of me. Its absolutly weird in that they are there, and they are not. When Im in bed at night Im not sure where they are, or what they are doing...could be walking Hadrians wall for all I know. My feet on the other hand are still attached, but send completely wrong signals. For the most part they think Im standing in a bucket of iced water, which is very uncomfortable I can tell you. And while we are talking about bits of me, Im more or less numb from my belly button downwards, which is very strange. Although having said that I get a load of muscle spasms which I describe as being flicked with a rubber band. OUCH! It can be pretty sharp at times. Anyway heres a picture to be going on with and next time we can talk about my feet. Theres something to look forward to!!

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