Wednesday, April 5

Growing Up

When do we eventually realise we have grown up? Some people perhaps never do , but where is that point for the majority of us? What does it take for us to realise we have left things behind us and now we have to stand alone? When we leave home perhaps? No, what about when we get married? Sort of, we are on the way. Having children? This certainly is a pretty growing up sort of event. We are no longet the youngest members of the family, there is a new an upcoming generation, or what about when we lose our parents? For many people this is the time when we really do have to stand alone. For me it has taken all these years and still I never felt really grown up. Somewhere inside me was an 18 year old still hiding, harbouring all those teenage insecurities. But over recent times suddenly I feel that I have changed. I feel older and also wiser, older than maybe my years, old before my time. I dont look it but I really do feel grown up, I actually feel more grown up than people older than me. Lifes experiences bring us hopefully wisdom. If we can truly grow then we must always try to learn from what is thrown at us.

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