Thursday, April 20

What I am Learning

Patience, an awful lot of patience. I used to be the type of person, ever irritated with others because I could do it better, quicker, more efficiently. Whether that was true or not is immaterial because now there are times when I have to sit back and trust someone else.There, I am also learning to trust which is quite scary. I have to trust that if someone is pulling me up a step they will do it and not let me fall flat on my face. I am learning not to be so controlling. If we stop for coffee I have to let someone else get the drinks as even I cannot balance 2 hot cups of coffee and push myself around, Im not an octopus you know!!! Im learning not to take it personally if Im patronised, most people dont mean to do it. Im learning that despite what we think, medicine today still doesnt have all the answers or cures even though we believe this to be true. If Im asked one more time by someone 'Cant they do something?'...... ('No this is how it is, really and truly, get over it, I have.......') then my patience may suddenly vanish!! Finally Im learning that I can still do most things. Im not totally incapacitated by any means, its just that you cant always do it the way you used to and often it requires a bit of problem solving and lateral thinking. Where there is a will there is a way and I certainly have the will.

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