Sunday, April 2

What weekend?

Its been one of those w/e's when everything you planned to do was thrown out of the window. First my son decided to have an upset stomach to the point of projectile vomiting... and I mean projectile!! It started Friday morning when Im in bed with him, and hes obviously not too well. Made the fatal error of giving him a cup of milk.... you know what came next!!... He chucked the whole lot back all over me! Now its bad enough when you can jump up out the way quickly, when you have limited mobility you just have to lie there and take whatever comes your Im shouting ' help, help' and laughing,(because what else can you do?) until my husband appeared to mop us up! Anyway the day was a right off, and he repeated the same thing Saturday morning!! So we spent the whole day on the sofa watching childrens tv.
As well as that I have had such awful back pain that it has reduced me to almost silence. No mean feat in my case! I feel as if Ive had my kidneys hacked out of my back with a spoon, and then been almost kicked to death for good measure. I even shed a few tears which is most unlike me. So there we have it, a very unproductive w/e. Roll on the coming week. I have to look forward to this week, a meeting on Monday evening, piano being delivered tuesday,lunch with a German friend on Wednesday, a dreaded hospital appointment on Thursday, and I suppose Ill have to think about shopping on Friday. Mmmmmmmmm Great!

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