Thursday, May 4

Total Inaccessibility

Last week I had to visit the headquarters of the Police in my professional capacity. See picture of the mystery building on the left! I was told they didn't have disabled access and were looking to put it in. Ok I thought this sounds straightforward enough, so I arrived at 2pm and first of all couldn't find anywhere to park. Now there were plenty of spaces but the trouble was that if Id have used any of them I wouldn't have been able to get out the car. Bit of a problem to start with but I can overcome this. After a few minutes driving around I did manage to find something that looked like a disabled parking bay, not exactly well marked but it did the trick. Pity it was at the top of a hill. But that was fine as I flew down to the entrance of the building, only to find.......When they said they didn't have disabled access they really meant it. Nothing, zip, zilch, absolutely no way could I get into that building if my life depended on it!!! Fortunately Plan B was a colleague who came with me who by now was marching in and out of the building looking rather disgruntled. Eventually someone who was a planner came out clutching, yep that's right plans. So we had to have our meeting standing/sitting outside as I couldn't get in. Pretty bad hmmmm? Their planner was about 6'4'' so left me literally with a pain in the neck. Anyway we got through that and then my colleague went inside to do a recce cos obviously I couldn't do it. I decided to go back to the car and head off to my office. Remember that hill I mentioned earlier? That's right you guessed it, I couldn't get back up the hill as it was too steep. If in doubt about a hill the best way to tackle it is to try reversing. That way if it is too steep you don't end up tipping over backwards and practically killing yourself in the process, thats worse case scenario!!! So I sat and twiddled my thumbs a bit and then decided the only thing was to look pathetic. It always works, as within a second or 2 a nice hunky policeman had appeared and then proceeded to pull me up the hill. 'oh thankyou' I said sweetly........ grrrrrrrrr!!!!

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