Friday, May 19

What's in a name?

Part of my job means that I deal with a lot of people all the time. Infact never a quiet moment. These people fall into 2 distinct groups, disabled people who want me to do something about a problem, and Able Bodieds who are usually trying to do something for disabled people. Now I've become aware just how people still refer to those of us with disability in somewhat awkward terms. In particular the term that crops up again and again is 'wheelchair bound'. Infact someone was talking to me about a particular project and used this term several times while talking about someone else. Now I'm not overly concerned with political correctness, but I'm really not keen on this term. Certainly I am not bound to my wheelchair, take it from me, I can lie, sit, slouch and loll around the house with the best. When I hear this phrase used though something inside me takes a little sharp breath and I think 'Ouch!' So should I correct someone or let it pass? I'm never sure what to say. It usually happens with the older generation, so I'm not sure its up to me to tell people what they should or shouldn't say. So let me put it straight, for the record, we are wheelchair users ok?

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