Friday, September 4

I haven't been well you know, I mean that sounds pretty pathetic doesn't it, but its been true for most of August. I saw the midwife a few weeks ago and she did some blood tests. They came back all over the place. First I had to go for a fasting glucose test in Hexham, be there for 8am they said. I had endless amounts of blood taken, still have multi coloured bruises all over my arms, but fortunately the results came back OK. Then they found my Haemoglobin levels were getting down to the bottom of the normal range, so now I'm taking iron tablets to boost it a bit. I have a high white cell count which proves Ive been fighting an infection, and Ive had a UTI which means I'm taking antibiotics. The final thing is that my blood pressure is on the up, which is a bit worrying as i could find myself having to have bed rest, so the hospital has threatened. Hmmm Im not amused, but at least you know why I havent felt like blogging much over the last few weeks.
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  1. hey: sorry i haven't visited your blog for a while. i seemed to have problems getting onto your site for some reason. anyway, hope you are feeling better soon. take care.

  2. I hope you continue to write and update your blog.

  3. Hope you are doing ok -am concerned after that last post and the long silence.