Saturday, June 10

A Small Kindness

I was sitting in front of Hexham Abbey today, a beautiful June morning watching the comings and goings of the farmers market. I don't really get to look at the market much because firstly there are kerbs all over the place, and secondly I either get crushed or fallen over, so its not worth the trouble to be honest. Anyway I'm just enjoying feeling the sun on my face when this woman comes up to me and says, "excuse me".......I thought, oh-oh she's going to ask for directions.... And then she says, "I just wanted to say what a lovely wheelchair you have, I've never seen one like it before". Wasn't that nice? I felt that little warm glow inside that you get when you receive a compliment. Ok, Ok, I know I never really thought Id be pleased that people liked my wheelchair, but lets not be too fussy here, I don't care and Ill take a kind word what ever the subject!

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