Monday, August 21

Wheelchair Skills

I spent some of the w/e practicing my wheelchair skills...Like I'm supposed to have some, but to be really honest with you I'm totally rubbish. I'm trying basically to get the hang of getting down kerbs, which isn't easy. Frankly I think its on par with being a circus performer, but there you go, its amazing what you end up learning in life isn't it? The theory is that you do a wheelie and then sort of drop down the kerb and hey presto! How cool is that? Well I can honestly say I have yet to achieve any success whatsoever. Cant teach an old dog new tricks or in this case any tricks at all. My balance is totally awful, well it was when I was walking so its even worse these days. I can't even do a bloody wheelie let alone get down a kerb! Many bruises later I thought Id try getting up a kerb. I know how to do this, Ok well we are talking theory anyway. I guess my back is particularly crap as I can just about manage an inch which is no good for about town. Somehow I don't think my hip movement is enough or I'm lacking strength somehow. Either way I will have to rely on finding a dropped kerb which let me tell you, in Cumbria is as common as 4 leaf clovers.

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  1. Bubbleandsqueak07:31

    I'm not sure how to help you in this as things like geting up and down cubs cames easy to me. i would say the first and far most thing to do is just do a wheely nothing more and then once you have that you can move on to other things